Granite Slab finishes: Polished,Honed,flamed,sawn,sandblasted,chiselled,bush-hammered(finepicked) etc.

Chinese Granite Foreign Granite Suface Finishes Granite Application Process Information
Bush hammered G682 granite tile granite for Flamed surface Polished granite slabs gangsaw cut granite slabs
Bush-hammered Flamed Polished Saw-cut
natural split cobble stone surface Pineapple granite surface Saw pulled surface tumbled granite
Rock Face(Natural clift) Pineapple Saw-pulled Tumbled

Polish: High shine. The polish may last a long time or may be unstable depending on the type of stone. Granite, marble and limestone are frequently polished, and require varying degrees of maintenance to preserve the shine.

Flamed: Machine cut down the slabs, After high temperature flame barbecue plate on the granite slabs surface, so that more rough stone surface, is not easy to skid.

Rock Face: Rough texture, not as abrasive as flamed. This finish is typically achieved by hand cutting and chiselling at the quarry, exposing the natural cleft of the stone. This finish is primarily done on slate.

Saw-pulled::A worn-down look achieved by brushing the surface of the stone, simulating natural wear over time.

Saw-cut: Matt finish. After initial cutting, the stone is processed to remove the heaviest saw marks but not enough to achieve a “honed” finish. Granite, marble, and limestone can be purchased this way, typically on a special order basis

Tumbled: Smooth or slightly pitted surface, broken rounded edges and corners. There are several methods used to achieve the tumbled look. 20mm thick tiles can be tumbled in a machine, or 3cm tiles can be tumbled and then split, creating two tiles that are tumbled on one side. Marble and limestone are the primary candidates. for a tumbled finish.

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