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As a high-grade construction materials, decorative stone, the majority of the decorative stone can be used for the type of performance all too clear. On the market today are common stone marble, granite, terrazzo, four synthetic stone, which, again in white marble for the superior; hard granite than marble; terrazzo are cement, concrete, and other raw materials from forging; synthetic stone is To the natural stone for stone materials, and adhesives, such as by the pressure, from polishing. The latter two because they are made of artificial, so no natural stone of high intensity.
A natural stone veneer to be considered in addition to color choices, but also buildings. At home, the living room and bedroom decorated in warm colors should be chosen to show a warm, comfortable atmosphere; and for the bathroom, kitchen decoration Yajie Sudan should choose the cool tone in order to show clean.
Second, decorated with the intent of the environmental impact due to the use of natural stone finishes in different parts of the decoration, so the choice of different types of stone. Outdoor decorations for the building, the period required to withstand wind and rain and sun and water, the granite because they do not contain carbonate, a small water absorption, and strong wind, the best choice of all types of granite stone; use In the hall facing the decorative stone on the ground, requiring that their physical and chemical properties of stability, high mechanical strength, should be the preferred type of granite stone; dado for the bedroom and home decoration on the ground, less mechanical strength, should have the choice of beautiful marble pattern .
Third, how to identify stone finishes processing good quality stone veneer products, the quality can not be good or bad from the following four areas to identify;
? view, that is, visual inspection of the stone structure on the surface. In general, even small stone structure of the material has a delicate texture, the stone for the best; and coarse-grained structure of the stone tablets ranging from the appearance of the less effective, the mechanical properties is not uniform, and less quality. In addition, natural stone because of the geological effects of which often have a small number of veins, micro-cracks, stone along the most vulnerable to rupture occurred in these parts, care should be taken out. As for the lack of edge angle is less aesthetic impact, giving special attention to the options.
?, that is, the amount of stone size, so as not to affect splicing, or post-pattern stitching, patterns, lines of deformation, the impact decorative effect.
? listen, that is, listen to the voice of Stone of percussion. In general, good quality, dense uniform within and without micro-fracture of the stone, the clear sound of percussion music; On the other hand, if the stone micro-cracks or the existence of an internal clock or small particles leading to an indirect result of weathering thixotropic song, knock Hit gruff voice.
? test, which uses a simple test method to test the quality of stone good or bad. Stone is usually in the back of the drop on a small drop of ink, such as ink spread quickly around leaching, that is, Stone said that the internal particle or less the existence of micro-cracks, poor quality of the stone; On the other hand, if the ink droplets in the original fixed, then Stone dense texture good.
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Natural Stone introduced several features
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1. Fire resistance
All kinds of stone, some of the stone in the role of high-temperature, chemical decomposition.
(1) Gypsum: more than 107 C when they break down.
(2), limestone, marble: in more than 910 c decomposition when.
(3) granite: 600 C due to the uneven heating and mineral composition of the split.
2. Expansion and contraction
Stone also Rezhanglengsu, but after heated cooling, the contraction can not be restored to its original size, and will be retained to become a part of the permanent expansion; arsenal of the United States had from 00C to test 1000C, and then dropped to 00C, a permanent measure The increase in the inflation rate was 0.02-O.045%.
3. Cold-resistant
To minus 20 Celsius, the freezing occurs, the expansion of the water within the pore size of the original than 1 / 10, if the rock can not resist such expansion occurs, there will be damage to the phenomenon. If the general water absorption of less than 0.5%, not considering freezing its performance.
4. Compressive strength
Stone will be the strength of mineral composition, crystal size, uniformity of the cement material, loading area, loading and the role of cleavage into the point of view, and other factors vary. If other things being equal, usually small, crystalline particles bonded with each other along the dense material of high intensity. The dense volcanic rock in dry and water saturation, there is no difference in strength (very low water absorption), if they are afraid of water and porous rock of cement, the strength of wet and dry, there is a significant difference.
Decorative building stone and natural stone are two major types of man-made stone and natural stone to the main, it is a high decoration materials, mainly used for decoration high level of engineering, man-made stone belongs to a lower grade of the decoration materials , For only in the low-grade interior decoration projects. Chinese Stone - Stone news www.stonebuy.com
Natural stone is from the exploitation of natural rock out and processed into a block or plate material collectively. Building decorative natural stone yao are two kinds of marble and granite.
Refers to the so-called marble deposits or deterioration of the types of carbonate rocks, marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone and shale and slate, and so on. If the well-known is the white marble Beijing Fangshan the middle of dolomite, marble, Yunnan is produced in Dali County of marble, the famous Green Dandong for silicon-based card serpentine rock. By the same token, as the various types of stone mining magmatic rocks such as granite, andesite, diabase, green rocks, known as granite gneiss, and so on. Beijing Jian, such as white tiger white granite is a granite, is the Green Jinan gabbro, Qingdao and black granite is diabase.
Stone is a man-made synthetic materials. In accordance with the binder, can be divided into the categories of organic and inorganic man-made stone category two types of man-made stone. According to their production process, can be divided into man-made polyester-marble complex man-made marble, Portland-based artificial marble, sintered-four types of man-made marble.
Four man-made decorative stone materials, the organic category (Polyester) the most commonly used, the physical and chemical properties are the best.

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