Natural granite

Natural graniteChina is the biggest natural granite resources nation and manufacturer in the world.We only supply rich granite colours for choice,but also offer competitive price and high qualiy.As the oldest buiding materials,natural granite was used for paving tiles,kithchen countertops,wall claddings,etc.

Natural marble

Natural marbleIt is extensively used as an building material in applications. Compared to granite, marble is softer. It will scratch easily. Marble is always use for flooring tiles, walling paneles,vanities,limited countertop.It's also used for pillars,fountains,benches, architectural trim,and sculptures.

Artificial Stone

Artificial StoneArtificial stone is composed of above 92% natural marble and other contents, with advantages of elegant bright, uniformed color, water resistant which is a green decorational construction material.

Vanity Top

Vanity TopIt is used in bathroom with cutting holes for sink and faucets.
Popular stone colours for vanity tops:G682 sunset gold,absolute black,black galaxy,butterfly green,baltic brown,tropic brown
Package:wooden crates


CountertopIt is including kitchen top,bartop and kitchen island.It seems that more and more people like natural stone products to sparkle his kitchen.
As a professional natural stone manufacturer,we supply rich colours of granite countertops,bar tops and kitchen island with high quality perfect polishing,easy installation plus nice edges.
Granite colours recommeded:absolute black,sunset gold,black galaxy,butterfly green,Butterfly blue,tropical brown.
Package:wooden crates

Landscape Stone

Landscape StoneTo save money,we make landscape stones mostly from cheap granite materials original our local,such as ligh grey G603, pink G636, rustic yellow G682 and black granite.It is paved for gardens,parks,street sidewalks suitable for car-driving. Surface are finished in natural-look.
Colour option:grey,yellow,red or black.
Package:wooden crates

Random Slabs

Random SlabsStone Type:granite or Marble
It is a semi-finished products-we cut raw stone blocks to slabs then polished surface without cutting edges.If you have your own cutting machine or workshop, such products have the competive prices as you can cut the slabs into size as you need.Average size for random slabs:
180x60cm ups or 240x120cm ups,15,20,30mm thickness.
Popular colour:G682,G603,G635,G684,G687,G664,Multicolor Red, China Black, Travertine White, Black Galaxy, Tropic Brown, Balic Brown
Package option:wooden pallets only

Standard Tiles

Standard TilesMostly standard tiles are used for interior or exterior flooring and wall,the surface can be polished, honed,flamed or sandblasted.
We manufacture the tiles from material granite,marble or slate in general
sizes:305x305x10mm, 400x400x12mm, 300x600x15/18mm, 400x600x20mm,600x600x20mm, 1200x600x20/30/40mm, etc.
Best seller:G603,G681,G682,G684,G654,Peach Red,Shanxi black,Travertine Beige,Crema Marfil,Travertine White,Pala White,White pearl
Package option:carton box or foam box plus wooden crates.

Cultural Wall Panel

Cultural Wall PanelSelected from split natrual stones of slate or qaurtzite then glued together to form standard panels in size and types: 600x150mm, 450x150mm rectangular type or 350x180mm Z-Type with 12-25mm thickness.
Surfaces available:flat (F) or natural rough (R)
Usage:cultural wall cladding panels
Package:wooden crates


GravestoneHigh quality monuments are good memory for the ones we loved. Granite material is the best choice to make monuments.As a professional stone manufacturer, our skilled stuff would like to offer you the exact products you like.
Popular granite colours:Shanxi black,evergreen,maple red, butterfly blue, G635,G664,G603.

Border Line

Border LineIt is special stone products made from marble and granite mostly.It is used in the corner of buiding,door and window surrounding.


ColumnWe produce high quality columns from grantie and marble stone.It is kind arc stone proudcts for decorating lobbies and halls.
Popular colour:red,yellow and white.


FireplaceAs a sculpture,we make the fireplaces not only stone products , but stone arts. Pay low cost to get a warm house--it is fireplace.
Material option: pure white marble , yellow marble, cream beige marble.
Package:wooden crates


MosaicIt is glued from many colours of marble or granite granules with corner and edge smoothed.The skilled stuff make stone mosaic creatively
under designs as you like.
Package:carton box and wooden crates


SculptureIt is made for waterfall or rolling a ball by water.We can put it in front of the building or in garden which will make everything lively.
Measurement:from 30-240cm in height
Package:wooden crates


SinkIt is cut from granite,marble or onyx.If you have a stone sink instead of ceramic one, I think you will have the different mood when washing hands.
Package:carton box plus wooden crate

Slate Paver

Slate PaverSlate is a cheap stone and economical materials for pavers with all-are-natural colours and rough surface.It played important function in paving public parks, pravite gardens,etc.
Colour available:black,green,rust yellow.

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