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Marble Fireplace -Mantel-Stone chimney piece
With Selected nature stone material (Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine, Granite), worked with our experienced carver. Alishan (China) Stone Crafts Co.,Ltd fabricate the various design fireplaces for different countries more than 10 years.The original fireplace is with decorative role and practical value. According to different countries and cultures,divided into: American fireplace, fireplace English, French fireplace, and so on, therefore, have different shapes. The basic structure of the fireplace: the hearth and fireplace frame core. Fireplace built into the role of decoration. Core played a useful role in the fireplace. Mantelpiece, according to the classification of different materials: marble fireplace frame, wooden fireplace frame, imitation marble fireplace frame (resin), fireplace and a pile of aircraft. Core fireplace, according to the classification of different fuels: electric fireplace, fireplace real fire (burning carbon, burning wood), gas fireplace (natural gas). I have a fireplace fire the architectural design of the support of the needs of the chimney, the furnace. The furnace can be a core cast iron fireplace, it could be a pile of refractory bricks. If there is no chimney, but also can be used instead of cast iron pipe, cast iron pipe diameter of not less than 12cm. In the West there is a general design of the flue. Therefore, Western countries also widely used real fire hearth. The simple installation of electric fireplace, fireplace with a flue plane was not designed for domestic units used. After all, home heating is central heating. After all, but the decorative element, not very practical. Really major fire in the fireplace used in the villa, but not the value of heating. For some barbecue. Do not have a flavor. In recent years, home decorations are also a lot of installed fireplace.

Main Design of our Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel)
•Contemporaneity flat simple design Marble Fireplace
Suit for UK and Ireland fireplace market or the people like the decoration in simple style we made that Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) with advanced facilities which can ensure the precision at dimension and high quality and polishing.
• Classical complex carved design marble fireplace
Suit for Europe market where favorite the whole decoration with return to the ancients. That design marble fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) is the most favored by Europe and USA, Russia market. We made it with experienced hand carver who specialized in those.
•Classical desing double layer with overmantel which is inherited from old France history with their unique design with the history stamp.
• Custom Design marble fireplace, some design which we not listed on the website. But that is not mean we cannot fabricate it. With reference picture or the drawing, we can replicate the marble fireplace with your design. Carver will replicate with original impression with our similar marble or other stone material
Available stone material for stone firelace mantel
•Marble-White marble, Grey marble, Black Marble, green marble, brown marble
•Travertine- Old impression, one of most favorite material for fireplace
•Limestone: Most favorite color with antique impression
•Sandstone: nice texture as sand.
•Granite: Mainly for Fireplace Hearth.

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